Assembly of Green


Assembly of Green aims to remove the dependency on Zakat, Sadqah etc for finances. Usually muslims donate only through means of compulsory zakat payment or sadqah to Islamic institutions. The ture concept of Zakat and Sadqah in Islam is to help the financially needy to raise their economic status. These people are the true and deserving recipients of Zakat and Sadqah. In today’s times, muslims have conveniently started giving this money to Madarsas without much concern whether their donations are reaching the genuinely poor.

For the same purpose, AoG has the facility to become a member through the following ways:

  • To start with monthly financial contributions which could be as low as 100 rupees for people who have the intent to contribute to this noble vision but are not financially very well off. For people blessed with good financial status there is no limit of the monthly contributions that one can make. Any contribution made with the pure intent of creating awareness and spreading knowledge is gratefully accepted and would multiply with the grace of Allah. AoG will also provide the facility of ECS so that monthly contributions can be deducted directly through bank accounts of volunteers as per their convenience.
  • The second way to become a member of AoG is through voluntary sponsorship of either
  1. The teachers/faculty providing their services for education
  2. the students for their educational needs, stationary,uniform etc or
  3. The equipment required for classroom education, organising trainings/programs/events, hospitality of invited speakers and religious personalities etc
  • Volunteers can contribute in kind by providing their spaces,shops,flats etc through which a rental income can be generated to help AoG to continue their work. E.g If someone has an empty land, it can be used to raise livestock(e.g goats etc) and the rent would be used to fund AoG’s activities. Apart from the memberships, AoG will also be maintaining an account for charitable donations of Zakat, Fitra, Khairat, Sadqah and ensure that the funds reach to the genuinely
    needy after due verification.

Apart from the memberships, AoG will also be maintaining an account for charitable donations of Zakat, Fitra, Khairat, Sadqah and ensure that the funds reach to the genuinely needy after due verification.

Assembly of Green aims to raise awareness about this issue and encourage people to help financially in the way of Allah apart from the zakat money. It is a very pious deed to donate from the mustahab halal income which is remaining after deduction of Zakat. If we consider Madarsas to be the house of the Holy Prophet Sallallaho alaihi wassallam and the students as his guests then shouldn’t we spend from our pure money for their betterment?

For the same purpose, Assembly of Green(AoG) will be setting up different financial accounts for managing charity(Zakat/Fitra/Sadqah) and for voluntary help towards spreading Islamic knowledge.

AoG is working for complete and holistic spiritual management and development. This is not a means of collecting “chanda” or donations in the name of Islam. AoG aims to raise the standard of Islamic institutions including all round development of students. This will include not just islamic knowledge but also worldly skills like science, economics, financial education etc. As originally Islam encourages to gain “ilm” which includes all kinds of knowledge that help an individual grow
in life.

May Allah SWT guide us to the best of both deen and duniya


islamic education

Importance of Islamic values and education

We have seen many people commenting on how worldly knowledge is required for students of madarsas but AoG also emphasises on providing Islamic eduction to children studying in modern day schools. Through our efforts we aim to provide all round education and development to children in the light of Islam – the way in which Islamic personalities of the past have encouraged all round ilm.

Teachers of AoG will teach deeniyat to students which will include:

  1. Reading and understanding the Holy Quran with translation
  2. Qeerat of Quran
  3. Teachings of Hadeeth
  4. Teaching spoken Arabic language with proper curriculum

Roohani Ilaaj

AoG has been doing spiritual treatment(roohani ilaaj) for problems of nazar, jinn, asrat, black magic etc absolutely free of cost with the sole intent of helping them with their problems and be spiritually healed. This work has been going on diligently from a long time to give affected people a way to get treated and avoid wasting money with people who are frauds and cheat people in the name of Allah.

AoG also works in the space of spiritual and Islamic training through classroom courses, trainings, videos, audios, online seerat courses etc. Any donations made for these will be utilised for development of these facilities.

Islam is not a religion of baseless rituals. It is a balanced and pious way of life. Islam is more about internal development and growth rather than showing the outside world that we are Muslims through only our attire or look. AoG encourages education of women too as they are responsible for the upbringing of children and keeping the entire family in good spiritual environment. That is why the Holy Prophet Sallalaho alaihi wasallam arranged for educating Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa Radhiallahu anha till such a level that she became known as the half of ilm. AoG aims to bring out true awareness of Islam as a balanced way of life that separates religion from spiritual growth.


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