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AOG is organization that envisions educational & spiritual management. We welcome all people, all religions and all countries of origin to improve their moral, social, spiritual welfare and lead active, fulfilling lives. Which have a positive and lasting impact on the individuals.

Many people were visiting India seeking spiritual advancement and enlightenment, but often got side-tracked or found it difficult to meet a trustworthy and authoritative spiritual guide who could teach them the subtle intricacies of the spiritual path. In order to address this problem.Khalifa-E-Sheikhul hind Waa Ashraf-E-Millat Maulana Irfan Ashrafi established the ASSEMBLY OF GREEN organization of Search for Truth in pune, India in with the consent of his own Sheikh [spiritual guide] Shaikh ul Mashaikh Syed Mohammad Mukhtar Ashraf Ashrafi Al-Jilani, Sarkar E Kalan, Sajjada nashin of Dargah Ashraf Jahangir Semnani, founder of the Ashrafi Sufi Order.


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