Islam is the religion with the second highest concentration of followers in the world. At 1.91 billion people as of 2022, we are among the largest and the fastest growing religions in the world. However very few have up to the mark knowledge about the key aspects of Islam. Be it the characteristics of the five pillars of Islam – Namaz, Roza, Zakaat, Hajj and Tauheed or delicate topics of Divorce, marital and inheritance rights, rights of women and children etc or important practices like Namaz-e-Janazah, Azaan etc – we as muslims are ignorant of a lot of these areas. It is our moral responsibility as muslims to spread the knowledge we have and to strive to gain more knowledge to fulfill our duties in the best way possible to please Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala. This will also empower us to represent Islam the way it is and to answer to anyone who questions our religion.

For this AoG works at many levels through the below initiatives:

  1. Monthly programs of zikr-o-fikr to educate masses at the grassroot levels and bring teachings of Islam to homes and localities
  2. Monthly programs of Zikr to spread the teachings of Sufism
  3. Programs at key occasions to spread the teachings of Sufi saints and key personalities of Islam
  4. Weekly teachings on specific topics every Fri through khitaab
  5. Spreading awareness on important topics in the light of Quran and hadith every week during the Majlis-e-Ilm o Dua

There are also multiple initiatives in the pipeline like:

  1. Full training on the method of Namaz
  2. Azaan training
  3. Training on important practices like Wuzu, Namaz-e-Janazah, seerat-e-nabwi etc
  4. Training on Spoken arabic with grammar
  5. Training on Quran recitation (Qeerat)
  6. Training on reading the Quran with translation

The education wing of Assembly of Green is the integral engine as the spread of true Islam and Tasawwuf is our true mission.