Unfortunately a large section of the population is affected with physical as well as nazar and spiritual diseases like voodoo, black magic etc and do not have any trustworthy source of healing available. Also a large section of the masses is not afflicted with such things but there are some so called “Babas” and “Godmen” that are trapping the gullible and innocents into believing that they are under some “spell”. Such miscreants brainwash people into spending lakhs and lakhs of rupees into supposed “treatments” but fill their own pockets through exploitation.

Assembly of Green takes a very strong stand against such criminal malpractices and aims to provide the right education and treatment absolutely FREE OF COST to someone who is genuinely affected. We do not provide any Taaweez or recommend any expensive rituals. It is only through the power of Dua that we provide treatment.

AoG aims to provide awareness and education to the masses to not fall into the trap of money minded “Babas” and become superstitious in the process. If it is a physical illness, we clearly state that and do dua for the same.

Also to note is – We do not charge a single penny for this service. Such treatment camps are conducted in tha Khanqah once a week where people are attended through one by one through a token system. The volunteers and our founder work tirelessly throughout the day attending to the people and guiding them towards deen.

Our founder – Hadhrat Irfan Ashrafi sahab also takes the opportunity to educate and spread awareness about deen and daily practices through Hadeeth and the Holy Quran among the crowd. We also educate about the mission of Assembly of Green and invite people to become members and earn Sawaab e Jaariyah through their contributions in social work and service.

The program also includes the sacred Ashrafi Tarana (as a mark of respect towards our Sheikh Makhdoom Ashrif Samnani Rahmatullahi Ta’ala Alahi) — connected to him through silsilaye Ashrafiya — and a detailed Dua followed by Salaat o Salam on our light and world, our Holy Prophet Mohammed Sallallaho Alaihi Wa sallam.

We at AoG invite everyone regardless of religion, caste, gender etc to be a part of this weekly mehfil and gain benefits of education and treatment through pure Dua and see the results for themselves. We do this with the pure and sole intention of bringing people closer to Allah and Sufiyane Karam and be far far away from money exploiting and fake Babas.