“Tum mera zikr jaise karo mai bhi tumhara zikr waise karunga”

A consistent practice of sufi giants has been the zikr of Allah(remembrance of Allah and his Names and Qualities). This ritual has been withering away with only a few practicing it with full sincerity. A few people practice this but only on important occasions like the birth/death anniversaries(Urs) of sufi personalities. We at AoG work to revive and continue this pious practice and teach it to the masses so everyone can gain benefit from the Zikr of Allah.

It’s a surreal and magical feeling to sit in a dark room, free from worldly chores, away from technology and remember our one and only Rabb Allah Subhana Wata’ala. Dressed in white, wearing Ittar the muslims assemble in the Khanqah and recite the holy and powerful names of Allah as per the instructions of our guide and President Irfan Ashrafi sahab.

The way of recitation is as practiced and documented by Sufis of the past with each zikr taking the attendees in a different realm of peace and nearness to Allah. This is done every month with discipline to bring consistency of Zikr and to gain benefits in the form of Qurbat with our loving Rabb Allah Subhana wa Ta’aala. The intent here is only to gain qurbat and to connect with HIM who is closer to us than our own veins.