It is Sadqa e Jaariyah to teach people about deen and try to bring them closer to Allah by instilling a sense of moral and spiritual responsibility in them. This was the mission of Sufi giants who devoted their entire life in the spread of Islam and goodwill throughout the land. Taking this noble initiative ahead, AoG organises weekly programs within the local community to educate them about the true nature of Islam and the practices of deen that will help us beautify our Duniya and Akhirat.

AoG is among the pioneers of doing such programs within the homes of the local public. Usually such programs are organised in mosques and community halls where people attend in great numbers but this leaves the women and children out as not many mosques or halls have arrangements for seating them.

Our beloved Prophet Mohammed Sallallaho Alaihi Wa Sallam has said that if the women of the house are pious then the entire house would be taken care of. That’s why AoG is striving to work at the grassroot level to bring spiritual awareness and education within homes and women to bring a revolution from within the community. Under the able leadership of our founder Hadhrat Irfan Ashrafi sahab and Hadhrat Imran Ashrafi sahab these programs are conducted and include Darood Khwani and Zikrullah followed by interaction with the family members for clarifying any doubts or queries they might have. This opens up a channel of communication with the speakers and helps to gain more knowledge with confidence from the Alim e deen.