“Whoever has achieved greatness is through service”

⁃ Shaikh Moinuddun Chishti Rahmatullahi Ta’ala Alaihi

Taking this respectable idea of Sufism ahead, AoG has actively and relentlessly engaged in activities for the society. AoG aims to put the first foot forward in any activity that would be helpful for humanity without discrimination of caste, religion, gender etc. Notable examples of the social work done include:

  1. Helping the masses afflicted with Kerala floods of 2021 by providing them food and ration
  2. Proper distribution of Sadqa, Khairaat and Zakaat to the truly deserving and needy poor.
  3. Organizing Qurbani(sacrifice of Eid ul Adha) and distribution of the meat to deserving needy and poor

A bit of emphasis on the last point:

Over the past few years, we have observed that some miscreants of the society have been fooling muslims in the name of accomplishing their Qurbani. The funds are collected but the sacrifices are either not performed or done with sick/defective animals that are not eligible for Qurbani. Moreover the meat is not distributed to the poor but the participating muslims are misinformed that their Qurbani is done. Unfortunately this ill intention has harmed the community hence AoG took up the responsibility of organizing and executing the holy ritual and Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim Alaihis Salam with complete honesty and transparency in the supervision of a senior AoG member. The contributing muslims can verify their sacrificial animal either personally by visiting or through Video call and can witness their Qurbani live. This is to ensure the Qurbani happens and people are aware of it. We ensure that we do it ourselves rather than leave the responsibility to someone else. They are provided timely updates and payment receipts as well to ensure maximum peace of mind towards this holy sunnah.

More details on the Qurbani misdeeds and Mafia here: