Aye momino ab musalman ho jao

After the first stage of education which comprises all the right ways of namaz, roza, daily life aspects etc comes the second stage of spirituality. This is what the great scholars of Islam and followers of Sufism taught. It is about giving strength and ascension to the soul so we gain kurbat (nearness) to Allah. This is done after one has perfected the visible aspect of Ibadat. Only then can someone reach beyond and gain true spirituality and breathe life in his/her ibadat. The true objective being to gain the closeness of Allah subhana wa ta’ala.

This was taught in the khanqahs of past sufi scholars where they worked on raising the spiritual level of muslims. It is very important to have the right guidance in spirituality and management of our spiritual activities and intent so we stay on the right path. AoG works on spiritual education by encouraging people to become members and gain knowledge through all the offline discussions, programs and one to one talks done by our founder Mohd. Irfan Ashrafi.

At AoG, it is our most important mission to spread the right teachings of Islam across the world so people can see the beauty of our religion. Lately Islam has suffered at the hands of so called “representatives” of Islam engaging in non-islamic acts of terrorism etc that has maligned the image of muslims across the world. It is imperative that we as muslims become representatives of Islam and present the best examples of how a muslim should be. Just how our holy prophet Muhammad Sallalaho Alaihi wa sallam did.